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Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising is a non profit company who raise funds for Schnauzers in Need.  These Schnauzers are often ex puppy farm dogs who require significant physical and emotional rehabilitation. Often the treatment of the physical issues runs into thousands of pounds for each dog.  We help by alleviating some of the financial pressure on these small rescues so that they are able to help dogs like these and not turn them away.  Our Main recipient of support is the
Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Woking.  Historically they have helped so many of these dogs and are committed to helping many more.  We will also help Schnauzers in Need elsewhere if our funds cannot be used by DBARC at any given time.  Mini SAS (a small rescue dedicated to Schnauzers) is an example as they too have benefited from our funds.

Our fundraising mainly takes place on our Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising Facebook group, here we hold regular online events including auctions, dog shows and raffles.  We also sell wonderful Mad About Schnauzers UK Merchandise there and in our shop group where other supporters also sell and donate a % of their profits to our cause.

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We co-ordinate annual fundraising schnauzer dog walks which take place across the country. Details of these can be found on the Mad About Schnauzer UK Walks Facebook page.

Our original Facebook Group, Mad About Schnauzers UK, is a place for Schnauzer owners and lovers to share their stories, photos, advice and get support. Mad About Schnauzers UK


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💜Hope is 3 weeks old today💜 🥰

Puppy Hope has a cleft palate and you will see from Janets update below that some more abnormalities have recently come to light.
Janet and the team at DBARC have been doing an incredible job hand rearing Hope and Hope has also been aided by an incubator that was funded by our generous MAS supporters a couple of years ago when the DBARC 10 puppies were born.

For those following Hopes story here is an update from DBARC’s Manager Janet North.

“We all really did hope she would get this far but knew the odds were stacked against her so we couldn’t be more proud of this little fighter – she has shown us all she wants to survive.
Sadly as she has got older, other genetic abnormalities have shown themselves – she has a deformed eye & a skull abnormality. What this will mean for her as she grows we are not sure at this stage, so we are keeping up with our ‘one day at a time’ programme, helping her grow bigger & stronger.
Hope is not out of the woods yet, she has significant problems to overcome but we at DBARC will be there for her every step of the way & while she continues to be happy & has a good quality of life we will continue to help this sweet puppy.
Happy 3 week birthday Hope – our little wonder puppy 🐶 🥰”

MAS are still fundraising to help schnauzers in need like Hope. Get on over to Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising www.facebook.com/groups/masukfundraisng/ to get involved in the fun. Our Schcrufts online dog show ends today so there is still time to get involved and make a difference.
When more is known on Hopes future medical requirements we will of course be holding further fundraising events for DBARC to help her and any other Schnauzers in their care. 💜🐾

You can also make ‘Hope’ donations via the following links

(Please claim gift aid if eligible)

(Please use friends and family)
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Don’t miss out! The Schcrufts online dog show closes on Sunday 20th June. All proceeds go to help schnauzers in need. 15 categories, 15 fabulous prizes! Join the MAS fundraising group for more info and to enter. See MoreSee Less

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Dog Thieves & Puppy farming = A vicious Circle !!
Below is a video taken from the point of view of dog thieves & puppy farmers and what a dog, your dog ,any dog means to them !! Money Money Money ! That’s all they care about sadly .
It is important to bring awareness to these situations and make people think hard when they are buying that pup for £3k , where it really is coming from ? What are you really funding ? It’s a sad reality that it’s funding organised criminality & puppy farmers , here in the U.K. & imported from Eastern Europe, Netherlands , Belgium , Ireland etc
So please do your research carefully and avoid selling pages like pets 4 home , free ads , gumtree at all costs .
The rise in dog theft over the past year has superseded any other year in history !!
Again easy money is the primary reason along with lax sentences for this type of theft as opposed to selling drugs or robbery.
Organised gangs are everywhere watching & waiting .
The greatest weapon we have as dog owners is AWARENESS ! Of our surroundings and keeping our dogs in sight at all times , use your gut feeling in a situation that doesn’t feel right or a person that doesn’t feel right !
With the good weather we will be out and about more and so will many others including the dog thieves watching ! in parks , countryside, beaches even our own gardens , it only takes a second to get distracted and your dog could be gone .. Stay aware & Stay safe 🙏🐾💜x
‼️The following video contains distressing content ‼️

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So lovely to see@Sally McKeown with Martha and Betsy yesterday ❤️ See MoreSee Less

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