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Mad About Schnauzers is a fast-growing UK community of schnauzer lovers. We have a busy, active Facebook group where people share stories, advice and photos and support each other. Mad About Schnauzers is also a fundraiser for rescue schnauzers in need at The Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre. On our Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising Facebook group, we hold regular auctions, online dog shows and create a calendar and a diary. There are also charity schnauzer dog walks that take place across the country. Details of these can be found on the Mad About Schnauzer UK Walks Facebook page.

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Follow our blog to find out more about the stories behind the dogs that DBARC has saved and about our fun fundraising activities

Mad About Schnauzer


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**Please share it really helps 🤩**
For those that are new to Mad About Schnauzers you may not be aware of who we are and what we do. We not only run a very supportive and successful Facebook group –
We also work tirelessly to help many other schnauzers that aren’t as lucky as yours.

Since 2016 Mad About Schnauzers UK has been fundraising for DBARC, a small rescue centre in Reading which makes a BIG difference to many ex puppy farm schnauzers.

So many have arrived at DBARC in a terrible condition both physically and emotionally. They have often required expensive surgeries including cataract and tumour removals. Most have also required long term care, accommodation, food, routine veterinary care, etc.

Pictured are the Schnauzers that DBARC have helped in this period to which we have contributed around £125,000 to date.

The number of schnauzers they have helped is rather extraordinary as they have also had many other animals to care for in this time too.

We are all volunteers and donate a considerable amount time to this fundraising.

DBARC attract and retain our support because we can see how exceptional they are and the very positive impact of their love and expertise with so many Schnauzers in particular

We will continue to invest our time and efforts in DBARC so that they are able to help many more whilst the abhorrent puppy farming industry continues.
You can donate to DBARC here anytime uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/MAS2020

You can get involved in our fundraising by taking part in our Walks here which are our annual XMAS Jumper walks in December and Beards On the Beach and Beards at the Park Walks in April.
These have been sadly impacted by Covid this year but as soon as it’s permitted and safe to do so they will go ahead. XMAS Jumper walks are planned but we will have to see 🤞🏻
We currently have a lovely Mulberry Bag Raffle in progress at the moment.

We also have a dedicated fundraising group – Events include regular live prize Bingo nights, MAS merchandise sales, Annual MAS Dog Show to mention a few!

Our Annual Christmas Market has now moved to a dedicated group and can be found here – www.facebook.com/groups/483973329068972/?ref=share

Our XMAS jumper auction has now moved to a dedicated group and can be found here:-

Please join in when and where you can. It’s fun and you make a difference!
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We have been VERY lucky to have been gifted this fabulous and brand new Mulberry bag by a supporter. This is a Genuine Mulberry with purchase receipt.
The donor wishes to remain anonymous and just wants to help DBARC’s Schnauzers in Need.
So we are raffling it during the month of July.
ANYONE can enter so please share this post to friends and family!
Tickets are £2 each or 7 for £10
To enter please make payment to paypal.me/masfund and add your name and ‘Raffle’ in notes. Also please DO NOT tick paying for goods.
Your allocated numbers will be listed here on this Post in comments at 7pm Friday 31st July.
We will draw the winner at 7pm on 1st August by a random number generator and will post the draw live here.
You have to be in it to win it so go on have a go! Good Luck everyone 💜
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We are hoping to give you all more updates on dogs that have been helped by DBARC and yourselves of course via our various fundraising events!

Here’s Willow’s (was Shelly)who was adopted last year by Karen and Lara who have kindly given us this lovely update below

‘We adopted Willow on 15th September last year from Dbarc as a sister for Thistle (one of the Dbarc10).

She is the most gorgeous loving dog – she loves to lick! (Feet in particular) She is also a chewer 😳 so we have lost a lot of trainers and slippers until we got used to hiding them away 😀

Willow was rescued by Dbarc due to the fact that she had an ectopic uretha, she had an op for this paid for by Dbarc and it was hoped that this would help. She still wears her PJs (a nappy)at night but on the whole she has improved massively. She was a little skinny scrap when we adopted her but now she has grown into the biggest of the 3 girls we have. Thistle used to be
able to push her about but now it’s Willow who has the advantage – they play constantly and are inseparable.

She is very sociable and is great off of the lead (most of the time unless she sees a collie – she loves them), returning with all sorts of treats, like sticks, rubbish, and a deer leg she found 🤮. She runs like the wind ears flapping with pure delight and has discovered the beach and water which she loves. She adores her Big Brother Saxon and wants to be like Big Sister Pagan, we are sure one day she will be the boss, once Pagan has stepped down.

She loves a cuddle on the bed and once she has had enough fuss takes herself into her crate for the night – the crate was Thistle’s but she has stolen it for her own 😍.’
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