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Mad About Schnauzers started off as an ordinary, everyday Schnauzer group and we trundled along nicely for a while. But then we began to see that we could do some good – that there are a lot of rescues out there who need a degree of help along their way. As you know, we now work closely with DBARC, helping to provide funds to support their work with ex puppy farm dogs.

We regularly see updates on the rescue schnauzers in our Facebook Fundraising group.  But sadly we have to delete/archive them from time to time when we need to use the group to run fundraising activities like auctions.  So, we decided to create a new home for these stories.  Our website launched in April 2019 and one of the main features will be the Blog.  The blog will contain news, updates and stories about rescue schnauzers.  In addition, we will post news updates about activities like Beards on the Beach and the recent online dog show and auctions.

One of the first blog features we are launching is The Chronicles of Ava. 

Little Ava, whose servant is Mary Reed, is one of the many who have come out of DBARC into a loving world in a new and caring home. And there are many others too! We decided that we would like to follow as many of their stories as possible and Ava and her mummy have kindly said they will help us keep in touch. 

Ava will be talking to her other rescued friends and will be giving us an insight into both her own new life and the new lives of the others following the same path into a happy and loving life, putting behind them goodness knows what nastiness.

Author:  Lisa Halford

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