I popped in by invitation to DBARC today and spent a short while with Lara, Dennis and Pansy. 

Now home I am giving much thought to how amazing these animals are. 

They have been through so much at the hands of puppy farmers who only take from them and give nothing back. No love, no care, physical or emotional.

They are well into their new lives at DBARC now. Pansy and Dennis are waiting for their eye surgery before they are able to start their next chapter.


Lara enjoying a delicious chunk of chicken. Lara after having her 10 pups by C section, then having post operative complications is due to go to her forever home very soon. (update: Lara has now joined her new forever family.)


Pansy has some sight but is quite wary and reserved which is quite possibly exacerbated due to some eye pain.


Dennis, well Dennis is just something! He is blind but such a happy and confident little chap!  Humbling to be in his company, so trusting and forgiving of us humans after being treated so badly.

Surgery for both Pansy and Dennis is due soon and we wish them all the best, they deserve it!

So many dogs that DBARC rescue need very expensive eye surgery. This may be to relieve pain, to restore some sight to make the world a much less scary place or both.

Fundraising makes it possible for dogs like these to get the life changing surgery that they both need and deserve.

Lovely Dennis - Video

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Author:  Lisa Halford

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