Lara’s Legacy

MAS Admin were privy from the start to the story of Lara, an ex puppy farm breeder, who came to DBARC with other schnauzers only for them to discover that she was pregnant! It was a long hard road though. She gave birth by C section to 10 beautiful puppies but became ill herself and DBARC fought successfully to save her. Some of the pups also needed some help in the early days and were transported backwards and forwards to the vet for a boost in an incubator. This was when MAS were asked to fund the £700 for an incubator for DBARC, which we did with the profits from our Inka bracelets auction. This means that not only did Lara’s babies benefit from it (as did the DBARC team who could stop ferrying them to the vet’s) but any other animal in their care can benefit from it – a lasting legacy from MAS to DBARC.

Lara's Legacy - The Incubator

Lara’s other legacy – 10 beautiful puppies who were born into an environment where they received the best possible love and care

As ever, Janet and her team at DBARC have gone above and beyond and been totally dedicated to getting Lara well and hand rearing these gorgeous healthy pups day and night for weeks! As well as the time and emotion that DBARC have invested in this wonderful family, it has also come at a financial cost. We therefore helped to replenish their funds by holding our first Online Dog Show in Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising and some members also made a ‘just because it’s Mother’s Day’ donation to our Virgin Giving Money Fund. 

As lovely as the pictures are and how  wonderful things are now, Lara has been through hell and back in her 8 years.  We must all remember the terribly sad backstory and continue to spread awareness of how absolutely dreadful the puppy farming industry is. Sharing awareness is key to it one day being a distant memory or at the very least much less prevalent than sadly it is today. 


DBARC’s funds have really taken a hit with the pups, subsequently having to be hand-reared, being born safely by C section then working hard (and succeeding) in saving Lara’s life.  We must also never forget the continuing eye operations needed for many of the ex breeding Schnauzers that enter into their care. 


Every penny goes directly to DBARC Schnauzers in Need (Don’t forget the gift aid): 

If you have adopted one of the pups, we would love to hear updates on how he/she is settling in! Please share your updates on our Facebook Page or contact us if you would like to write a guest blog post

Author: Linda Sloan

Photos: Lisa Halford

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