Mad About Schnauzers Dispatches From DBARC A Schnuggle of Schnauzers

A Schnuggle of Schnauzers

A Schnuggle of Schnauzers

Today someone asked on the Mad About Schnauzers Facebook Group what the collective noun is for a group of schnauzers.  There were lots of excellent suggestions but my favourite was a Schnuggle of Schnauzers (and also the very apt suggestion of a Shout of Schnauzers!).

I paid a visit to DBARC today with The Fabulous Famous Five (Henry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the schnauzer team: Gertie, Violet, Hansel and Nell).  As always, Henners was seriously outnumbered.  We were joined on a walk with 4 schnauzer puppies – Buddy plus 3 of his siblings who were visiting and Dennis and Pansy, 2 of the resident dogs.  I took loads of photos to share with you in this blog post.  I needed to come up with a title, and a Schnuggle of Schnauzers seemed to fit perfectly!

Dennis and Pansy are both doing really well.  Their confidence has grown enormously since I last saw them.  They both have some fantastic news.  Dennis and Pansy have found a new home… together!  They will be trotting off to start their new lives together with their family sometime in the next week.  Good luck Dennis and Pansy.  I will miss seeing your beautiful faces when I visit, but I am so happy that you have a loving home to go to.

Little Buddy and his siblings had lots of fun playing rough and tumble.  Buddy has another check up at The Ralph in just over a week to check his cleft palate and to assess when his operation can take place.  But for today, he was just having fun.

Here are a selection of photos and videos from our visit.

Busy Buddy

Adorable Dora

Fifi & Darcy

Dennis Extreme Close Up!

Henners & Dennis

Pansy & Dennis

Pansy & Violet

Pretty Pansy

Dennis & Hansel at the front. Nell & Violet behind.


Nell, Gertie, Dennis in the background. Violet at the front

Hansel, Henners, Gertie & Nell

Nell, Gertie, Henners, Dennis, Nell & Gertie

Hansel, Gertie & Violet

Nell & Pansy. Dennis, Violet & Nell.

Dora Goes For A Paddle

Author:  Joanna Booty


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