Mad About Schnauzers Practical Tips To Groom Or Not To Groom?

To Groom Or Not To Groom?

To Groom or Not To Groom

To groom or not to groom?  Definitely not in my case!!  I am Heidi and here is my story…

I remember you guys posting pictures of how you love to groom your miniature schnauzers.  I always take Bonnie my Miniature Schnauzer to the groomers.  She has the long legs and skirt.  I’d never have the confidence to do that.

But now we have Pepper the Wauzer too, a Miniature Schnauzer & Westie cross, who to be honest has the most unbelievable coat.  And not in a good way from either breed.  I can brush it but within hours of playing with Bonnie it’s completely matted at the base again.

Long story short: I had waited 5 weeks to get her into the groomers and thought it was the coming Wednesday then realised that my appointment was last Friday!  So I plucked up the courage to give her a grade 2-3 all over! OMG!!!!

That’s not what happened.  And it got worse and worse and the more I tried to tidy her up the shorter it got.  My poor Pepper. 😂😂

I have catalogued my disaster below with pictures .. Do not try this at home!

Especially with human clippers .. with no guard.

I will stay on the fundraising page where you all say how clever and talented I am because clearly dog grooming is not my calling!

It’s that bad.  I’m not doing this again!

The beginning

I clipped from any and every angle I’m still struggling now ! I will just be happy if I get through this trim (scalping) without drawing blood !!! 🙏

Daddy- Help me!

Daddy: "Oh my god!"

Know When To Quit

I’m going to leave her head. Her face is so beautiful 😍

Lion Cut, Anyone?

I’m too nervous to do her head, so we have a silly looking 🦁 x

Winner Winner

She looks like a right plonker but she’s so sweet and she’s rubbing herself all over the carpet. I’m guessing she feels much happier so “winner winner”❤️

To Groom or Not To Groom

Fur Grows

Yay she survived.. Pepper back to normal ❤️

Thank you everybody. Please laugh, cry with laughter… We did!  

Lots of love – Bonnie & Pepper ❤️ x

Author:  Heidi Greenaway


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