Mad About Schnauzers Fundraising Fun Schnauzer Needle Felting and My Woolly Adventure

Schnauzer Needle Felting and My Woolly Adventure

Schnauzer Needle Felting

Loubilou is a talented needle felt artist who has been creating likenesses of our schnauzers for over a year.  Lou has raised hundreds of pounds for Mad About Schnauzers.  In this post, she tells us about how she got involved in schnauzer needle felting and a bit about how it is done.

I first joined Mad About Schnauzers several years ago as most do, because I own a schnauzer (called Ted), and I totally love the breed. But did you know that if, like me, you run a small business, it is so easy to support schnauzers in need. As a result of our wonderful group I am able to donate 10% from my commission fees to the Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising account. 

Schnauzer needle felting

So, how did my needle felting journey start….well actually it is all the fault of a fellow member, Steph Gillet, who invited me to attend a needle felting course on 27th January 2018. We had a fab day being tutored by Nic from Felt and Dandy in Earls Barton. Here’s what my first attempt looked like…

Schnauzer Needle Felting

Safe to say I was hooked on stabbing wool after that! I shared some of my creations on our fundraising page and the rest is history! Our wonderful members trust me to make replicas of their pets from wool.

Now to share a bit of the process with you. I work from photographs in the main when creating a commissioned sculpture or picture. It all starts with plain wool known as ‘core’ wool. My personal favourite is corriedale. Using a single needle with barbed ends, you start to stab the wool and the barbs slowly start to knit the fibres together and shape and sculpt the wool…

Schnauzer Needle Felting

I add a nose to help me see the dog start to emerge. I use polymer clay that is easy to shape with your fingers and a round headed pin…

Schnauzer Noses

Gradually I add top coat colours in many different shades to achieve a likeness to the dog. Once I am happy with the head I add to wire so the body can begin…

Schnauzer Needle Felting

Then the hard work starts, winding wool around the wire and then continuing to stab many thousands of times, until the shape starts to resemble a body. I wrap wool around wire to create legs which I attach to the body using an awl and glue.

Schnauzer Needle Felting

This process all takes time. These sculptures, which stand or sit approximately 6 to 7 inches tall, take anything from 10 to 16 hours work. The satisfaction of finally achieving a likeness of someone’s beloved pet gives me immense pleasure. And I have been so lucky to have been supported by many of our schnauzer family. 

Last year I raised over £300 for our fundraising page and so far this year I have already been able to donate over £120. 

I also run needle felting workshops in East Northants that some of you have attended, and I hope to convert many more people to enjoy the art of needle felting. Here I am with Sally, Debbie, Caroline and Margaret, creating schnauzer brooches, of course!

Needle Felting Group

Below are just a few of your wonderful dogs that you have entrusted me to create from wool. And a massive  thank you to all those still waiting patiently for me to catch up with my waiting list. By choosing a hand made item, you are also choosing to support Mad About Schnauzers Fundraising. And making me do a little happy dance too 😉 xX xX xX 

Schnauzer Needle Felting

Author:  Loubilou Miller

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