Mad About Schnauzers Thistle: Schnauzer Puppy Meet Thistle The Schnauzer Puppy

Meet Thistle The Schnauzer Puppy


A few weeks ago, Lara Hewitt and Karen Miller adopted Purple Princess, Thistle.  Thistle was one of Lara’a puppies, born at DBARC. In this series of blog posts, Lara and Karen are going to tell us all about how Thistle is developing and growing up and about her adventures.  Their first post is an introduction to this adorable little girl…

Some of you may already have been introduced to our very special little lady – Thistle. Apart from the fact we are both totally in love with this bundle of joy and mischief, the reason she is so special is she is one of DBARC Lara’s puppies.   We still cannot believe that we are so privileged to be one of the very lucky people to have been given the opportunity to add her to our family, along with her big brother Saxon and big sister Pagan.  Thank you Janet North and Donna Penfold.

Precious Petite Purple Princess

For those that have followed the progress of Lara and her pups, Thistle was known as Miss Purple (Trixie) or to give her the full title – Precious Petite Purple Princess.

We fell in love with her the moment her little face was covered in food after one of her very first solid food attempts.  She may have been the smallest of the litter but has a very big personality often telling her siblings off if she wanted the bed or a toy to herself.

Food Face

She now loves running in the fields after the other two and when she meets other dogs her little tail wags so much you would think that it is going to fall off.   She is very people friendly and everyone she meets must be a member of her fan club. (They do not have a choice the way she bounds up to them bottom and tail going from side to side).

Saxon and Pagan have taken a little while to fall to her charms, she tries to pull Saxon off of the sofa by his beard (she isn’t big enough yet to get up there) which he obviously doesn’t like.  Every toy they both now own is hers and she wants their dinner not her own.   But apart from that they now both look out for her when out and about and don’t let other dogs get too rough with her before jumping in and warning them.

Thistle in her harness

We thought you may like to hear about her progress from time to time. She has just had her first holiday to Norfolk so next time, we will tell you how it went and share some lovely pics.

Do you like Thistle’s bandana?


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