The Fabulous Famous Five and I visited DBARC today.  We were very kindly invited to see the wonderful new isolation unit that has recently been built.  There were several other people visiting today with their dogs so it was quite a schnauzer party with spaniels!

The resident dogs are Meg and Mara (who are already settling in to their new quarters in the unit), Sherman (who we didn’t see today), Shelly and of course Buddy.  Buddy was one of Lara’s puppies.  You can find out more about Lara’s pups in our recent blog post.  And another of our posts was about Buddy.

Visiting were the Fabulous Famous Five: Henry the Cavalier, Gertie, Violet, Hansel and Nell;  Nellie The Noodle and Breagh with their schnauzer slave Julia;  Myrtle the Cavalier and Pepper the schnauzer with their cavalier/schnauzer slaves AJ and Richard; Judy, Poppy, Holly and Jazzie (another of Lara’s pups) with their schnauzer slaves J2 and Jackie; Bella and Mabel who are currently visiting J2 and Jackie while their own slaves are away and little Dora (another of Lara’s pups) and her big brother Martie.

I make that 18 schnauzers (not including Sherman) and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. And it was absolute heaven!

Here are some of the photos from the schnauzer party…

Myrtle the Cav, Nellie, Henners the Cav, middle 3 L-R: Violet, Mara, Holly, front left: Gertie (on the scrounge!), front centre, Pepper
In hindsight, J2 realised that the dog bed might not have been the best choice of location to eat lunch! Dogs left to right: Mabel, Bella, Judy.
Inside the unit (Gertie is never far away from the food!). Dogs left to right: Myrtle, Gertie, Nell and Meg (in the background)
Two pretty and elegant ladies: Violet and Myrtle
I'm not sure what Henners said, but it must have been pretty shocking! (Henry and Myrtle)
Smiling schnauzers! Hansel, Violet and Shelly.
Violet, Shelly and Pepper
Shelly in the foreground, Meg in the background. Shelly is about 6-7 months old. She has recently had an operation to reattach a tube from one of her kidneys to her bladder.
Meg. Meg is not comfortable to be handled yet, hence the woolly hair do! In time she will be groomed and spayed and assessed for any other medical needs. For now, she is just taking her time getting used to people and learning to trust. DBARC's wonderful team of workers and volunteers play a vital role in this process.
Lovely Poppy
Shelly taking a little bit of time out from all the fun
Mara. Mara has recently had successful cataract surgery in both eyes. When she arrived at DBARC she was completely blind. She can now see and is slowly growing in confidence. She is Meg's kennel mate and is already living in the new unit.
Two pretty ladies: Violet and Myrtle (with another pretty lady in the background - Nell)
View from inside the unit. The schnauzers are investigating what is being taken out of that bag! Mara is closest, then Gertie and Judy and I think it is Jazzie up front being the most nosey!
Nell's trademark headtilt. Behind her is Bella.
A schnauzer party with spaniels
What a lineup! These beds are awfully comfy! L-R Bella, Nell, Henners, Violet and Meg, and Hansel is in front.
L-R Mabel, Bella and Nell
3 of my 5, Nell, Henners and Violet
Handsome Hansel
Something has got their attention! Bella on the floor, Mabel, Meg and Nell in the left bed and Violet in the foreground.
From top left, Gertie, Nell and Violet (my ladies) in the bed, Mara top right, Meg in the centre sniffing Buddy's bum! Front left is Mabel, front right is Dora and behind her is Henry
Nellie The Noodle and Breagh
Outside area. Top left Bella and Mabel. At the back is Jazzie, then Shelly and Buddy and Henry and the front row is Judy, Gertie Dora and Violet
Did someone say treat???? Buddy clambering over Dora to get to the food! Buddy has had two ops on his cleft palate. Unfortunately, it is still not fixed and he has to have another op. When he was a little pup, his milk kept streaming out of his nose and he would get quite snotty. If it was just left, there is a risk that he could inhale food into his lungs and suffocate.
Nell in the corridor of kennels which are not yet in use
Hansel in the outside patio area attached to the unit
And this is work still to be done... This area will be a lovely garden for the unit which is accessed via the gate from the patio

We didn’t see Sherman today so I didn’t get any photos of him.  Sherman has been neutered but has had a very bad bladder infection.  He is on the mend and will soon be paying a visit to The Ralph.  He has a cataract in one eye so may need surgery.

It was quite a schnauzer party today!  It was great to see the lovely resident schnauzers, Meg, Mara, Buddy and Shelly and to see the progress they have made.  And of course it was fabulous fun to spend time in the new unit surrounded by so many gorgeous schnauzers and spaniels!

As well as helping to fund the medical bills, legacies and fundraising help to support projects like these which are vital for DBARC to be able to do all the amazing work they do with the rescue schnauzers.

Mad About Schnauzers Fundraising

Your donations help to fund the medical care needed by dogs like Buddy, Meg, Mara, Sherman and Shelly.

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