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Mad About Schnauzers Christmas Jumper Auction

Christmas Jumper Auction

MASsive Supporters of Schnauzers In Need

Summer has definitely left the building.  But we are not sad because that means the festive season is approaching. We are kicking it off with the long-awaited Mad About Schnauzers Christmas Jumper Auction!  Throughout the year we have had markets, auctions, an online dog show, Beards on The Beach among other fun fundraising activities and so far this year our amazing members have raised nearly £40,000 for rescue schnauzers in need. 

During the year, as well as supporting our Mad About Schnauzers events, we have had a team of hard-working, dedicated knitters who have been beavering away for hundreds of hours creating some very unique and beautiful jumpers for schnauzers especially for our Christmas Jumper Auction.  These wonderful people have purchased all their own wool and donated their time so we can hold this fantastic event.  Every penny raised in the Christmas Jumper Auction will be donated to The Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Hurst to support rescue schnauzers in need.

All About The Christmas Jumper Auction

MAS Christmas Jumper Auction

The auction will take place from 26th October- 2nd November.

All the jumpers are listed in our Mad About Schnauzers Fundraising Facebook Group.  You will need to join the group to take part.

We have 94 jumpers ready for the auction with still a few days to go before the auction opens!

There are jumpers in a range of sizes to suit small puppies, miniature, standard and giant schnauzers.

There is one post per jumper showing a photo of the jumper, who made it, the size and the minimum starting bid and the postage & packaging cost.

To bid, post the amount you wish to bid in the comments.  The highest bidder when the auction closes is the winner!

Mad About Schnauzers Christmas Jumper Walks

MAS Christmas Jumper Walks

If you are looking for an opportunity to show off your schnauzer in their new Christmas jumper, then look no further!  Our members are organising Christmas Jumper Walks across the UK.  They will all take place in December and they are a great opportunity to meet up with fellow schnauzer-lovers and to get into the festive spirit!  We are also hoping to raise some more funds for rescue schnauzers through donations at the walks.  To find out more, visit our walks page on the website and follow our Mad About Schnauzers Walks Page on Facebook.

Christmas Jumper Auction Photos

Hear is a sneak preview of just some of the fantastic jumpers that our generous members have knitted.  You can see them and more on our Mad About Schnauzers Fundraising Facebook Group.  Bids will open on 26th October.  Good luck everyone!


Visit our fundraising page to find out more about how much we have raised, how we have raised it and how you can get involved

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