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Schnauzer Dogs Are Coming To Town

Schnauzer Dogs Are Coming To Town… well to DBARC!  Since our last blog post, more schnauzers have arrived at DBARC.

Wispa (left), Wotsit (right), Twiglet (background)

Whilst we have such fun fundraising we know it’s important and that we have a responsibility to advise you of the very sad consequences of puppy farming.  Also to tell you where the funds raised by you are directed.  

Over £75,000 of our fundraising on this group has been sent to The Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Wokingham.

DBARC rescue a variety of animals but have developed a particular love for the Schnauzer over the years! Ever since their first one called Munchkin arrived. They have since become experts in providing puppy farm rescue Schnauzers with very specialised rehabilitation.  These Schnauzers in many cases arrive with multiple and serious health issues which have included untreated cataracts/blindness, tumours, joint issues, dental and emotional trauma. These are just some, as too many to list! 

These conditions are caused by irresponsible breeding and downright neglect over many years of being kept in terrible conditions with no veterinary care or love.  

Puppy farm dogs are used for one purpose only and are thrown out when they are no longer of any use to the breeders.  

Please be assured that these are a particular sector of breeders and fortunately many breeders aren’t the same. This is why you must always do your homework when buying a puppy! 

Over the three years we have been fundraising for DBARC we have seen so many terribly sad and damaged dogs arrive.  We have then seen the very positive impact of their stay with DBARC, when their lives have been changed so much and they are ready to go to their lovely forever homes.

Sadly there have been a very small number that haven’t made it and we will always remember them and know DBARC did everything possible for them. 

So here we are three years in and as promised some info on the current residents at DBARC who will benefit from what we are doing now with our Christmas Auction and xMAS Jumper walks.

Sherbert, Sprinkle, Strudel, Shelby and Shadow (now Brodie) have all moved in to their new homes with loving families and we wish all of them long and happy lives.  Very sadly, Schnitzel lost her life to pneumonia before she could join her new family, which is devastating for everyone at DBARC and for her adopters.    As with Mila and Sherman, Schnitzel will always be remembered with love.

Meg is still at DBARC while she slowly recovers from the horrors of the puppy farm.

Unfortunately, there are still countless dogs in puppy farms.  A few manage to escape the horrors and the latest bunch of beautiful schnauzers looking to start the rest of their lives have arrived at DBARC.

Recently arrived are Gabby, Wotsit, Twiglet, Wilma, Wispa, Topsy.  And new arrivals today on the first day of December and the DBARC Santa day are Holly and Ivy.



Wispa has just been spayed and had a dental.

She has two painful knees but one is worse than the other. This is suspected to be cruciate damage which has been left by the breeder without interventions, who knows for how long.

Xrays have now been been sent to the specialist to come up with a plan of treatment. 

Wispa (with Twiglet behind her)
Wispa and Twiglet



Twiglet has serious human fear, which will be addressed by DBARC but can be slow to progress.  Nobody knows what she has been through and they can’t tell you unfortunately.

She is in the best possible place now though. 




Wotsit has cataracts and has recently been spayed.  She also has a lesion on her leg which may need removing too.  However this is responding well to medication so hopefully not. 

When she is up to it she will be seen by the eye specialist to see if her eyes can be operated on.



Wilma has cataract/s and will also be booked in to see eye specialist.  She is a calm girl and relaxed into a lovely cuddle on my lap when I visited this week.



Gabby and Nell
Gabby (left) and Nell (right)

Gabby has serious human fear and like Twiglet will be given time, love and reassurance from the DBARC team that not all humans are like the ones they have experienced in their puppy farm lives. 



Meg still has a way to go with her fear of humans but is making progress and will remain with DBARC until she has made enough progress to cope with the ‘outside world’. 




Topsy is an elderly lady who was rescued by DBARC eight years ago and left them in good health.  Very upsettingly she arrived back at DBARC last week with lots of problems.

Some of these can be resolved but others she will just need to be helped to manage. 

The urgent issue is her teeth which are causing her pain.  A dental at her age will be risky, but she cannot be left with this discomfort.  

Topsy will now see our her days with centre Manager Janet and her own dogs.  She has settled in so well already and her days of neglect are finally over. 

Holly & Ivy

Holly and Ivy arrived at DBARC today (1st December 2019).  They will need to be seen by the vet to assess their medical needs.  For now, they are settling in to their new kennel and will receive lots of love and care from the wonderful team at DBARC.

We are coming to the end of 2019, as you can see, sadly puppy farming continues so there is a need for us to continue with what we do in 2020.

Please consider hosting a Beards On The Beach or Beards At The Park Walk in April and continue to support us here to help DBARC to continue their fantastic and unrivalled love and care of Schnauzers In Need 

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