We are all Mad About Schnauzers here!  MAS has some special MAScots – Pickle, Lily, Gertie, Violet and Charlie.

MAS has collaborated with a couple of small pet businesses to create a range of MAS merchandise featuring our MAScots.  This range will be added to over time.  Every purchase from this range attracts a donation of 10%-20% of the sale cost to the MAS fund.  All proceeds go to DBARC to support rescue schnauzers in need.

Charlie just joined the gang recently and will feature on future merchandise.


Visit Barks & Squeaks for MAS collars, bandanas, collar tags, key fobs, wash bags and tote bags. Available in 6 colour options - pink, red, yellow, green, blue or purple


Visit The Cosy Canine Company for Mad About Schnauzers dog walking bags. Available in 4 colour options - pink, red, blue or purple.

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