Privacy, Data Protection and Mad About Schnauzers – an easier read

Mad About Schnauzers Privacy, Data Protection and Mad About Schnauzers – an easier read

Privacy, Data Protection and Mad About Schnauzers – an easier read

Because of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK GDPR, we have to publish how we look after information that you tell us about yourselves.

Of course, we want to look after it properly and we certainly don’t sell it or provided to anyone else unless we have to do so by law or you give us your agreement to do so.

We try to ask for as little information as possible, but of course we need your name and contact details at the very least if you want to subscribe to our newsletter, receive the prizes you might win in the raffle or to have purchases delivered to you.

We know how much people like to hear what supporting Mad About Schnauzers means for the dogs, and we need your agreement to keep you updated. That also includes our activities, posting photos of the walks and other fundraising events. Our reports about how the dogs progress also sometimes includes details of the humans who help along the way.

Signing up means we can keep you ion touch with what we are doing, and you may even get a namecheck, be seen in a photo or something similar.

If you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram other people can see that – you know how it works! We can’t control a lot of that – but we know how much other people love seeing what all of our Schnauzer family are up to. Please only post things that you are happy to be identified with.

Donations are managed by PayPal. they have their own privacy notices and procedures but we have no control over. But they handle the donations really well and make it simpler for everyone.

Many of you are members of our Facebook group , mad about schnauzers, and it goes without saying we have no control over some parts of Facebook! so we have a separate privacy policy that deals with that. You can read that policy, and checkout the links to Facebook’s own polices and information – it explains it all but is lengthy.

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy sets this out in more detail. We also have a Data Protection Policy that is available but if you want to know any more, just email us at