2020 Fundraising Progress - Target £40,000
Helping Rescue Schnauzers In Need 10%

Mad About Schnauzers has a fundraising arm that raises money for rescue schnauzers in need.  These are usually ex-puppy farm dogs who suffer from terrible health issues.  Our fundraising efforts raise money for the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Hurst.  They have saved, nursed back to health and re-homed countless schnauzers over the years.  Many of the health issues that these dogs suffer with are very expensive to treat.  But through generous donations, every dog is cared for and loved.  Many of the re-homed dogs’ owners are in our Facebook Group family.

To find out more about what has happened to these schnauzers and about the lives they are living now, have a read of our blog:

Mad About Schnauzer Stories

Our next fundraising event is our raffle.  Find out more…

Mad About Schnauzers fundraises all year round by holding fun activities, auctions and retail sales.  We are also grateful for the ‘just because’ donations from our generous group members.

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our fabulous Facebook groups, we are already set to smash our 2019 fundraising target!

Most of our fundraising activity takes place on our Fundraising Facebook Group.  Join the group now to see what is going on and how you can join in the fun

2020 Fundraising Progress - Target £40,000
Helping Rescue Schnauzers In Need 10%


We are working on a very special recipe book for schnauzers that we would like to have ready in time for Christmas 2020. All profits will go to the fund and we think it will make a fab Christmas present or stocking filler.

We are aiming for around 40 recipes.  If you have a tried and tested recipe you would like to contribute, please can you email it to: info@madaboutschnauzers.co.uk.

We are looking for recipes for both treats AND ‘main courses’.

Each recipe would need to be accompanied by a WELL-LIT, IN-FOCUS PHOTO OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT. And if you have a photo of a schnauzer eying up or testing the goods too, that would be a bonus!

We want a good mix of recipes so think of various options we could include eg breath-fresheners, low-fat, healthy, gluten free, grain free etc etc. The best recipes with the best photos will make it into the book.



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